Random Thoughts On Periscope

Today I downloaded the Periscope app on my phone, mostly in an attempt to understand what it was. I’m not completely old, or living in the dark ages, technology wise, but when it comes to new forms of social media I tend to be old school. I have my Twitter account, my Facebook account and few other random things like that but any kind of real time audio/visual stuff baffles me. As an extremely shy, introvert…the very idea of recording myself and my physical voice scares that ever loving shit out of me and I have a very hard time imaging people recording the most random moments of their lives for people to watch, comment and judge. Just don’t get it….

But I’m kind of liking watching the feeds. I’ve discovered I like going on random walks with people (erm, maybe so I can “pretend” to exercise without actually getting off my ass…) and well, I’m not totally regretting downloading the app. It definitely seems like it’s a good way to experience different aspects of life, and I can see the potential for my husband and his various creative endeavors. And hey, maybe I’ll use it myself…if only to show off my crazy dogs.


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