The Chipmunk


Hemingway, pictured above, is an indoor/outdoor cat. When he is inside, he is a total sweetheart. He is patient and kind and loves stealing snuggles with me in bed. When he is outside, he is a stone cold serial killer.

On a regular basis, my husband and I find his victims on our front porch…mostly field mice, and once a squirrel. Up to today, all his victims have on DOA and we try to dispose of them before our dogs find them. Not pleasant, but that’s the cost of having a cat in the country.

Tonight my husband and I were getting ready to head out for the evening. Hemingway, hearing us leave the house hightails it up the stairs to get inside…with a present.

This is when I realize that there is something different about today’s gift…

It was still alive.

I scream at the cat to drop the chipmunk, which he does. The chipmunk then jumps down off the steps, to the ground a whole story below. My husband and I race downstairs to see the fate of the little guy.

He was still alive, but on his back. We were sure he had broken his back so while I ran to the car, so I wouldn’t have to watch him suffer, my husband went off in search of something to put the poor guy out of his misery…

But when husband went back, the chipmunk had righted himself.

Hopefully he’ll be okay.


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