The Peanuts

Last night my husband and I went to see The Peanuts. Both my husband and I grew up reading the comic and watching the movies and specials,  and we even named our dogs Linus and Lucy. So we both walked in with fairly high expectations.

The movie followed the gang through the winter and spring of their 3rd grade year. It begins on a snow day, and the day that a new girl moves into the house across the street from Charlie Brown.

The movie then proceeds to follow Charlie Brown as he spends the remainder of the school year alternately trying to woo the little Red Head Girl and hiding from her in fear of embarrassment, and of course, no Peanuts movie would not be complete without the antics of Snoopy and his quest after the Red Baron.

I enjoyed the movie, it kept the full integrity of the Charles Shultz comic, so there were no surprises in terms of characters acting out of character, and there were plenty of nods to previous movies and situations. It was clear that this movie was a Peanuts movie, and not a tribute or a movie based on The Peanuts. It was The Peanuts as Charles Shultz created them.

The downside of the movie was that because of all the work that went into keeping the integrity of the characters and the story, it didn’t seem like anything new. Yes, the graphics were new (and oh so stunning), the story line itself was kind of bland…at least compared to most kids movies these days.

Still, it was cute and funny and a great way to wax nostalgic on something that was really and truly a great part of childhood.

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.


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