Lights Out

I don’t know what it was about today, but there was a dark cloud of misfortune hanging over the town I work in.

As soon as I drove into town, I passed a fender bender. Minor, but I’m sure the people involved didn’t think so. I get to work and no sooner had I sat down, the fire whistle blew and a rash of emergency vehicles flew down the road. Later on, around 3, I heard the fire whistle sound again. An hour after that I had just put some meat on the stove to brown for dinner the electricity went of. No warning, just flicked off.

My coworker and I waited for about half an hour and started up the generator, so at least we had some lights (no stove so we had to scramble to make something different…and we had to host another House as there generator chose that moment to seize up and die.

It was pretty chaotic, with two shifts eating in the dining room, then trying to find ways to be entertained until the lights returned.

Needless to say, I am coMpletely  wiped, but much more appreciative of having working electricity again.


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