A Good Solid Mixture

Today was another work day, and one I was looking forward to, I was scheduled to attend a training that was being taught by the CEO of my company, a man who I greatly admire.

The first half was extremely positive. It made me motivated and confident in my position, a feeling I don’t always feel. In my head, I was mentally reviewing ideas in my head and feeling really excited to try to take a proactive charge into my worksite and my direct coworkers.

But then we broke for lunch and when we came back we started discussing ideas about how supervisors should be leaders…and I realized that my own supervisor at my job site did not fit in with that model, at all. With each new idea brought up, I fell deeper and deeper into a sadness that the entire time I worked for the agency…I never had a permenent supervisor who was a good leader (we’ve had two since I started) and this last year has been one headache after another.

I left the training feeling more discouraged then when I went into the training. I love the company, and I love the individuals I work with but without good leadership on site, I just don’t know.


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