I Confess…



I confess that I am sensitive.

I confess that I sometimes get offended by the actions and thoughts of family and friends on social media.

I confess I should not allow myself to log into Facebook.

In fact, I confess that it would probably be the best thing for me to delete my Facebook page for this very reason.

Yet, I confess that sometimes the drama is just too appealing.

I confess that sometimes the urge to start an argument is just too great. The rise of blood pressure and the urge to punch something, or someone really really hard is just too appealing.

Especially when I am seen as a quiet and meek person in real life.

I also confess that I am trying to work at this. To work at not letting stupid, misinformed shit get to me on social media. There’s a reason that the hide, unfollow, unfriend, and yes, even the block button exist. I am better at using those buttons when I feel myself getting worked up.

I confess that sometimes I have to remind myself that I have a choice not to be subjected to hatred.

And I confess that I am also working on being more vocal. I am working on not being afraid to talk about the stuff that I truly care about. I am working on putting my thoughts out into the world, because I have a voice. I live in a society where I am allowed to have a voice.

I confess that I know that in relation to the world, my voice is small. Ninety nine point nineĀ percent of my words will never be heard or read by even a tiny fraction of the world. But I do have a voice, where so many in this world do not and even if my voice only reaches that infinitesimal level of people I can be satisfied that I did not stay silent when so many others did.




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