I Am Not Getting Sick

The cold was going around work this week. In preparation for the cold/flu season, I have been taking Vitamin C, and washing my hands like crazy…but right now I’m not sure if it is enough.

So far I haven’t developed any real symptoms, but I am tired. Granted, I stayed up late last night, but it feels like a different tired. Today I loaded up the dishwasher, wiped down the bathroom and walked down to the post office and just that little bit exhausted me and I felt/feel sore and weak.

So I’m almost positive that I’m getting that damn cold. I hope it’s just a cold. All I know is I climbed into bed before 8, and I don’t want to move. Ever.

Guess it’s good I have a few more days before going back to work. If I need to, I can stay in bed and rest up.


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