Wal-Mart: An Open Letter

Dear Walton Family,

In the past month, I have visited one of your super stores on three separate occasions. On two of those occasions, I was accompanied by individuals with disabilities and on both those visits I was treated with disappointing, dishonest…and let’s face it, unethical treatment.

My first trip, I was assisting a gentleman in his Christmas shopping. When we were checking out, our cashier “accidentally” scanned one of the pricier items twice-and seemed surprised and shocked when I pointed out that prior to us getting in line I had carefully added all the items to make sure we had enough money. The cashier looked back at the items scanned and sure enough, one item was scanned twice. She gave me a half hearted apology which I accepted. I was a cashier. It happens. Sure, it’s a good idea to be careful (especially when there is less than ten items)….but at least have the common decency to give a real apology.

My second problem occured tonight. I supported another individual with a disability to return a dvd that was damaged and would not play. It wasn’t an expensive DVD, but when you are on a fixed income like the people I support…that money is important. More importantly though, it is important that they feel respected and treated normally-not treated as though hey are being dismissed and their money taken from them unfairly.

All the woman wanted to do was return a defective dvd. Yes, the dvd was open. That was how it was discovered to be defective. She was told that it could not be returned (despite not working) because it was a “copywrite violation”. She was told she could exchange the dvd for the same title. Which was fine. That would work…except that had been the last one. We went back to the service desk and explained that doing an even exchange was not possible, surely some kind of compromise could be made…But no. Customer service proved to be no help, and without any kind of apology we were dismissed along with a broken dvd.

But don’t worry, your money is safe. Your customer service team made sure it was, and made it clear that your company has absolutely no respect for those who might have different abilities then what is considered normal.

I will no longer be using my personal money towards your corporation, and you can be sure I will be telling my story to every single person I know.

Your company touts itself as having good values, but I’m afraid your idea of value is  far removed from reality.


A disgusted customer




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