Catching Up

This weekend I haven’t felt much like writing and now I feel as though I need to play catch up…even if it never was my intention to make this a spot to post about my day to day (unless I felt like writing about it) or even a daily spot to write in (again though, only if I felt like it).

But I still feel like I should at least touch on the weekend.

I Christmas shopped, both in a physical mall and then finished up online. I still have one gift to get for Christmas and two to get for an after Christmas party.

Then, as if I didn’t do Christmas enough, I went to the town Christmas parade.

I also read. Early this morning I finished reading Finders Keepers by Stephen King, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Finally, I watched the final season of MASH. Tonight we will watch the final episode  and celebrate. Although I can find many faults in MASH (which will most likely be a future post)…I can’t help but feel that it was and is one of the best television series.

For now though, I am trying to take it easy. I think I have an ear infection forming and it is making me feel cranky…especially as it probably means I’ll have to go and make an appointment to get it looked at on Thursday. Not to mention, go through the week with it bothering me.



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