Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen


The last few weeks have been dedicated to watching MASH, a show that had been on the very edge of my consciousness since I was a little kid.

The moment I hear the first bars of “Suicide is Painless”, I’m transported to lazy afternoons of my Dad watching his old favorite sitcoms in syndicate.

My early memories are hazy. I was facinated by the surgery scenes(to this day I’m a sucker for hospital dramas) and just as fascinated by Corporal Maxwell Klinger and his ladies courture, but that was about it.

when I started to watch the series, I figured that I would get a few laughs (especially as I would finally get the jokes), maybe have a chance to bond with my Dad, and that was about it.

I was not prepared to fully immerse myself in the series. For weeks, MASH was my life. If I was watching something on tv, it was MASH. When my husband and I talked, our conversations almost always turned towards the series. I even dreamed of MASH. And while I got some laughs…I found myself in tears more times then I imagined.

In the eleven seasons it was on air, it touched on many issues…Some that resonates with me and some that upset me and reminded me how far we have come since the ’70’s (or ’50’s). It touched on mortality, feminism, racism. I was not always a fan of how some of these issues were addressed…but it made me appreciate how things are now.

Since I have had Netflix, I have gone through several series from beginning to end, but this was the one series I know I will revisit.


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