Bernie Sanders #Feelthebern


Bernie Sanders is a recent addition to the Democratic Party. Since his start in politics, in the late 60’s he has aligned himself with the Independent Party, with a leaning towards the Socialist party. During his political career he has served as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, served on Congress and the Senate.

Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, and was raised by his Polish father, who’s family perished in the Holocaust, and his mother, who’s own parents’ were immigrants. Sander’s became interested in politics at an early age, and his first experience was running for student body President in high school (he lost). After high school, Sanders went on to Brooklyn College and then to the University of Chicago. It was here that Sanders became interested in socialism and racial equality. Sanders was heavily involved in Civil Rights work in Chicago as well as peace and anti war movements, though, he dedicated himself to Veteran Affairs as soldiers returned.

If elected President of the United States, Bernie Sanders is committed to a number of issues.

  1. Bridging the gap between the 1% and the shrinking middle class.
  2. Affordable higher education at the public level
  3. Get Big Money out of Politics
  4. Create decent paying jobs
  5. Creating a living wage
  6. Climate control
  7. Immigration
  8. Racial Justice
  9. Gender Equality
  10. LGBT Equality
  11. Veteran’s Affairs
  12. Social Security
  13. Health Care
  14. Family Values
  15. Foreign Affairs

Based on Bernie Sander’s commitment to these critical issues proves that he is the best choice for President in 2016. We are at a perilous state right now, we, as a country, are struggling on so many levels. We need a candidate who is NOT afraid to shake things up. Who is NOT afraid of the 1%. Who is not afraid of being unpopular. We need someone who in his long, successful political career has kept the same stance without kowtowing to anyone in order to stay in the game.

The US needs Bernie Sanders in the White House. The US needs to #feelthebern




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