As I’ve more or less been off line (at least on this blog) for two months, a lot has gone on. A few holidays and a few good moments. The past month however has not been a very happy time.

It was a Sunday night.  The third Democratic Debate was on and I was watching it on my phone while sipping some hard cider (because politics and booze go so well together). Everything seemed good.

And then it wasn’t. I took a break from the debate and I noticed that something wasn’t right. I noticed that I had a fairly large bump on my body. A bump that was noticeable enough that it would have been hard to miss.

My first thought was I had a hernia. Immediately my brain reviewed the past few days for anything that stuck out that would explain a hernia (because hernias usually just don’t happen, right?). I couldn’t think of anything but I had my husband check the area and he was puzzled. He didn’t think it was a hernia, but who knew. He urged me to make a doctor’s appointment the next morning and soon after we turned in for the night.

I did make an appointment the next morning and was granted an appt that very morning. The NP I saw wasn’t my usual provider, but I had seen her once before so I felt pretty confident that there was a reasonable explanation and that it would not be a big deal. However, my confidence waned as I was sent to the hospital for a blood workup and an ultrasound. Then my confidence wanned even lower when nothing conclusive came out of either test and it was recommended that I have a CT scan with contrast.

A few days later I gagged through that test and again, all the results told us was that my lymph nodes were inflamed inconclusively.So I was shipped off to two different doctors, had another test (inconclusive) and finally went under the knife for an actual biopsy as nothing else was making sense.

And I still don’t have an answer. Oh, well, I do know that it is definitely not cancer. So that’s something. But still no explanation as to why my immune system is bent out of shape even though aside from the lymph nodes…I haven’t had any abnormal symptoms. Haven’t even had a cold.

I should finally have a better idea next Thursday. In the meantime, I’m trying not to wander over to Google to try to play doctor. I don’t think that will go over too well.


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