Valentine’s Day

A few days prior to Valentine’s Day Sam and I discussed our plans and expectations for the day. As suspected, Sam had been blissfully ignoring the holiday and was hoping I was doing the same…

As if.

Thankfully I intervened, and gave him some helpful suggestions as to what could make the holiday a nice distraction from the sub zero temperatures that were being forecasted for the weekend, and the past month of endless doctors appointments that we had endured.

I also might have bribed him with a dinner out of his choice, where he could order anything he wanted. An effective tactic, in case you were wondering.

Friday evening Sam announced that he was going to take me on a surprise adventure on Saturday.

So on Saturday we braved the forecasted arctic winds and set off on our adventures. And no, I’m not exaggerating…I was very nearly blown over by the wind.

Our first stop was at a shopping mall about an hour and a half away where Sam led me to Build a Bear where I could build my very own Snoopy! (You thought I was going to say bear, right?)

After I sufficiently wore my six year old self out, we had the promised, guilt free, meal where we both walked away satisfied…and ready to tackle phase two of my gift. Chocolate.

Luckily, Gertrude Hawke was right next door and we zeroed in on our target…the left-overs from Christmas. FYI Santa shaped chocolates taste even better than heart shaped chocolates.

Sam’s final act was to get me flowers took a little more time and creativeness as he is opposed to killing flowers to give as gifts…instead, he decided to grow me flowers. From seeds. And as that was something that probably wouldn’t be at the mall we returned to the elements and continued our journey to a Tractor Supply where I picked out some lavender seeds and some daisy seeds. Which may or my not come into fruitation.

And then as a bid to stretch the great day to an end we stopped at a local brewery for a drink.

So phase one of Valentine’s Day was a great day and we both went to bed buried under several layers of blankets and our two dogs, Linus and Lucy snuggled between us.

Who knew that the blankets and dogs probably saved us from possible hypothermia.

And okay, that’s probably a slight exaggeration. Very slight.

In the wee hours of Valentine’s Day, the power grid in our area became overloaded with the increase of use due to the ever plunging temps. We awoke at 3:30am to total darkness. Everything was off. And worse, we had no heat coming in.

We stayed fairly warm thanks to the blankets and dogs, and the house temperatures stayed around 40’s so not wanted to leave the dogs and cats we stayed put until the power came back on at a little after one in the afternoon.

It’s now around 6:30pm and it is still pretty chilly. It is bearable though. And Valentine’s Day is as good excuse as any to go to bed early and cuddle up with Sam and his toasty warm body heat.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. You hit the jackpot! Hubby took me to the Gun Club for lunch. He’s not much for romantic gestures. Heck, if he did something romantic, I’d wonder what he’s feeling guilty about. Lol!

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