I have been thinking a lot about traveling. Last weekend I traveled to New Jersey, and will be heading back there in a few weeks time. I’ve been helping my friend plan a road trip to visit me. Even my social media feeds have been filled with posts of traveling adventures of friends and acquaintances

I like the idea of travel. I love the idea of packing my belongings. Of getting in the car with good tunes, to see lands I’ve never seem before. To poke around areas that are just begging to be explored. To take pictures of cool things, to eat delicious food and sip wine. My heart longs for the adventure of exploring somewhere new.

But my brain just wants to stay home. My brain is content to stick close to home, surrounded by my dogs and cats. My brain is happy reading books and tidying up my house. My brain is content with the familiarity of  home with my husband, with a cozy evening in bed watching 30 Rock on Netflix and sipping wine (probably from a box) and eating food was on sale that week from the market.

I’m not ready to give up on traveling and adventures, but I’m more appreciative of the life I have made for myself, where I’ve made it.




One thought on “Homebody

  1. I think part of it is our winter tendency to hibernate. I’m sure once the climate improves you’ll be itching to get out and go. At least, that’s what it is like for me.


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